From Pictures to Profits: The Power of Video Marketing

Recently, we have noticed a surge in requests for video marketing from our clients, largely due to its exceptional performance on various social media platforms. While images can convey messages effectively, videos possess a unique power to captivate and convert audiences. Among the array of video formats gaining traction, reels and employee interviews have emerged as the frontrunner in terms of popularity.

A behind-the-scenes photo of a video production taking place with one of Sway’s clients.

1. Reels

Reels, characterized by their briefness yet informativeness, serve as a strong tool for grabbing the audience's attention. They offer a versatile canvas for covering a wide range of topics, spanning from informal to formal, depending on the nature and objectives of the company.  

At Sway, we advocate for integrating several reels into our clients' social media calendars each month due to their remarkable impact and ability to spur engagement. It comes as no surprise that reels consistently dominate our roster of top-performing posts for clients. In February of this year, reels created by Sway for our clients had over 7,000 engagements in just 35 posts.  

The surge in reel popularity is due to their vertical format, aligning with mobile content consumption habits. This visually captivating marketing style reflects evolving client preferences. As mobile serves as the primary internet touchpoint, capturing attention on these platforms is crucial for conversion success.

2. Employee Video Production

We've experienced a surge in client requests for video production services, particularly those centered around showcasing their team. This entails filming employees, conducting interviews, and crafting short, engaging videos tailored for social media or website integration. These videos serve as a dynamic means of introducing the company's personnel to the audience, fostering a sense of connection and involvement with the business.

A behind-the-scenes photo during an employee interview production with one of Sway’s clients.
Another behind-the-scenes photo of a video production with one of Sway's clients.

The demand for video content continues to escalate, fueled by its effectiveness in captivating audiences and driving engagement across various digital platforms. Videos continues to be the most important forum of medium between a client and their consumers. As such, we at Sway remain committed to leveraging the power of video marketing to help our clients achieve their goals and connect with their target audience on a deeper level.